About Greg

Greg was a fun kid to have around. He had a very dry sense of humor and tried to make everything he did into a fun project. He had the rare ability to make people’s lives brighter just by being around them. He was also a ham who loved being the center of attention. During his ninth grade, his sister, Abbie, tore her ACL playing soccer. She was on crutches for a week or so and during this week, she happened to attend one of Gregory’ ninth grade basketball games. During half-time of the eighth grade game, all the ninth grade players took the opportunity to go out on the floor to practice their shooting.

Abbie was in the first row with her crutches tucked neatly under her legs. Greg grabbed her crutches and started walking across the floor in perfect imitation of a person with a bum leg. Suddenly he let the crutches slide out to the side as though he hit a wet spot. For the next three minutes he entertained the hundred or so people that were there with a rendition of someone who has fallen and can’t get up. As the crowd realized that his leg was fine, they started howling with laughter believing, I think, that this was the planned entertainment for the evening. That was Gregory – give him an audience and there was no telling what he would come up with Mike Frassinelli from the Allentown Morning Call interviewed us nearly a year after Greg’s death. Mike attended the same school as Greg and, in fact, played basketball for Greg’s coach. He did a superb job of capturing who Greg was and why the fund started in Greg’s memory has exceeded our initial expectations. Please take the time to read Mike’s Frassinelli’s article.

Gregory’s Gifts by Mike Frassinelli