Greg W. Moyer Fund

Greg W. Moyer

Greg W. Moyer

Gregory W. Moyer was a fifteen year-old sophomore playing basketball for Notre Dame High School in East Stroudsburg Pennsylvania on the night he died, December 2, 2000. Notre Dame was playing a game in a brand new, multi-million dollar school. The school didn’t have a defibrillator and was far removed from emergency medical services. Greg walked off the court at half-time. Two minutes later, he collapsed on the floor of the locker room from cardiac arrest brought on by hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. He died shortly thereafter.

A nurse from the emergency room urged us to do something to make sure other families were spared the tragedy ours had suffered. She suggested starting a fund to buy defibrillators for local schools. Thus, we started Greg’s Fund to raise enough money to donate AEDs to the five high schools in our county. By the time of Greg’s funeral, enough money had already been donated to purchase seven AEDs. Obviously, Greg’s death allowed people to put a face with a cause.

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